Academics FAQs

What courses are offered by 网投十大可靠娱乐平台?2018-07-24T10:42:30-06:00

网投十大可靠娱乐平台 offers the required Montana State courses for graduation requirements. Elective courses are offered depending on staffing certification. Students are required to take a Biblical course each year.

How are grades determined?2018-07-24T10:41:36-06:00

Grades are given on a college-prep scale.
A 94-100
B 88-93

Are there academic scholarships available?2018-08-24T10:26:34-06:00

The Darin Brown scholarship is awarded annually to a student who has demonstrated excellence in academics, student life, spiritual development, and maturity.

How is the academic day structured?2018-07-24T10:38:48-06:00

Monday thru Wednesday class periods are 47 minutes. A school days begins at 8:20am and ends at 3:24pm. The Thursday schedule allows for a chapel period in which students gather for worship and guest speakers. Friday are a short schedule with release at 2:30pm.

Will 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 provide academic rigor for my child?2018-07-24T10:38:59-06:00

Yes. 网投十大可靠娱乐平台 is known for its high academic standards. On average, students will have 15 minutes of homework per class period each evening.

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