Admissions FAQs

How long does it take to enroll?2018-08-24T10:22:30-06:00

Enrollment may take up to 30 days. Time frame depends on the speed with which the applicant supplies all the application requirements.

What is the process of getting approved?2018-08-24T10:25:59-06:00

Step 1: submit online application for American or International student
Step 2: submit all additional requirements
Step 3: set-up fee schedule
Step 4: complete student interview

Who should I contact with questions?2018-08-24T10:22:30-06:00

For questions, please fill out the Contact Us form. The appropriate office will return your email within 7 business days.

Can I visit the school and meet some teachers?2018-08-24T10:22:30-06:00

We encourage prospective and new students to visit our campus. Please contact the school office to schedule a visitation appointment. Call 406.392.5794 or contact us.

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